Special Events during WMOS in Waltham: Rosebud

683 Main St.
Thurs. 1pm–4pm
Fri. 5pm–8pm
Sat. 10am–1pm
11/7–11/8 12pm–6pm

Announcing Rosebud: a new satellite gallery featuring works from the Rose Art Museum’s collection of video art. Rosebud aims to activate public engagement with contemporary art through curated exhibitions and programs that revive underutilized properties in the city of Waltham. The project supports the city’s long-term goals for economic growth and cultural vibrancy  by attracting new visitors to the neighborhood and inspiring opportunities for partnerships with local businesses and arts-related organizations.

In addition to increasing off-campus awareness of the Rose and expanding our audience, our goal is for Rosebud to serve as a hub from which new ideas might radiate and benefit the people of this community. Rose curatorial interns and the Student Committee of the Rose Art Museum (SCRAM) will be offered the opportunity to design complementary programs and activities for their fellow students and the public.

Rosebud is made possible through the generous support of the Sun Hill Foundation, NY.